diving Cambodia islands logoWe are no diving experts, that’s why we have only a general introduction here – just to give some directions – linking to the local dive operators.  Cambodia’s waters have, as you might assume, their own character . It is not the top notch, outstanding, super league place. If so, you would have heard about it anyhow…

Some facts: The Gulf of Thailand has a rather low (3.05%) salinity rate. The average depth is 45m, the deepest spot is 80m. Slow currents deposit lots of sediments. Annual temperatures vary from 26° Celsius to 31° Celsius. May is warmest month. Coral bleaching has been an issue in 2011, although unlike many areas in Thailand’s waters, Cambodia’s reefs have recovered since. 

Dennis Funke – manager and dive master at THE DIVE SHOP made this recent assessment:

Diving in Cambodia – this is still quite new terrain…in the world of Scuba Diving, that is. The local waters are home to a high diversity of species, that inhabit delicate little eco-systems, and a great pleasure to observe. It is not the place, where mega-fauna is particularly abundant – still once in a while we even have a whale-shark coming by.

The gulf is rather shallow. Tides and currents might stir up lots of particles, which considerably affect visibility. Good timing can help a lot, though. The further out you go, the more pristine are the waters. This is not really true, because lesser observed and administered areas are very often over-fished – not only that. Some places and reefs are seriously damaged or destroyed as a result of years of bomb-fishing. On the other hand… A number of reefs of the outer islands are literally uncharted areas. This is where most of the WHALE SHARK and EAGLE RAY sightings have taken place.

…get in contact with:

The Dive Shop (runs office on Koh Rong Sanloem and in Sihanoukville)

Koh Rong Dive Center (runs office on Koh Rong and in Sihanoukville)

Scuba Nation (runs office in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh)

Eco Sea Dive (runs office on Koh Rong Sanloem and in Sihanoukville)

Island Scuba Diving (runs office on Koh Rong Sanloem and in Sihanoukville)