Casinos host a warm and welcoming part everyday where people can test their luck and celebrate big wins. As much as casinos want you to come again and again to their place, they are not completely transparent with you. They cover up the things they do not want you to know with high-class hospitality and complimentary beverages. But these are the things they do not want you to know.

The games with the lowest house edge

The casinos do not want their players to stick to the games with the lowest house edges. They will never tell you the house edges of the games unless you insist. You will have to go to the dealer of every game to know the house edge of the games or do an internet search.


They do not want you to win

Face the hard truth that the casinos need to do their business, and they cannot succeed if everybody in the casino is winning. They do not care about your best interests. All they can offer you with an open heart is a good time. Everything they do to serve you better is to make you gamble more and lose more.

The casino host does not like you

Even though you get treated with the best hospitality, always remember that the casino host is not your friend. They may not dislike you for your behaviour, but there is no way that the host likes you if you are offered comps on your visit. Do not expect any favours from them unless you are gambling in their casino.

Nothing in the casino is free

Do not go believing that the complimentary drinks and snacks you are getting in the casinos are for free. Realize that you are losing more money on the games that the amount you would normally pay for those drinks. If you lose $100 on a game and the casino offers you a $10 drink for “free”, they are still making $90 profit.

Casino is free

You can play better games at the other casino

No casino will want you to leave them for a better casino. There is no way that a casino host will want you to think of going to a different casino. If you are in Vegas and are going through different casinos, notice how they try to keep your inside with good food, music, and beautiful waitresses. Never stop searching for a good casino.

Casinos want you to drink

You will never find a casino which will ask you to stop drinking if you have drunk enough. They want you to get drunk and lose your cognitive skills so that you play more games without using your strategies. Due to this reason, you can always find waitresses taking rounds to fill up your cups with more drinks whenever you are in the casino.


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