List of Islands

deco map islands CambodiaCambodia’s  64 (?) islands fall under administration of  4 coastal provinces. Some islands have 2 or more names, there also exist several islands with the same name. Koh Tral (or Trol) (Vietnamese: Phu Quoc) and Koh Panjang (Vietnamese: Thochu Island) belong actually to Cambodia – some administrative mistake in the 1930-ies lead to the current situation. There is a very informative blog with further links on the subject: A Brief History of Koh Tral ( Phu Quoc island) There are two systems for the romanisation of the Khmer language, such as the Applied IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet (e.g. Koh = island) or the UNGEGN – United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (e.g. Kaôh = island). A few small islands and some sizable rocks underwent (re-)naming during the time of the French Protectorate (e.g. Ilot Veer = Veer Islet or Rocher Kusrovie = Kusrovie Rock). Some islands used to have French names, which are not in use anymore, although a few seem to have been “Khmerized” – e.g. Ile de Kok Sralou became Koh Sralau. Official lists are impossible to come by – so we collect all sources – maps in particular – sort out and compare. Even French maps do have inconsistencies, e.g. Ile de Cone is casually applied to Koh Goun and Koh Rong Sanloem….Ile du Milieu exists at least twice.     

List of Islands (August 06. 2014)


islands of Koh Kong Province

  • Koh Kong Krawi – Outer Koh Kong Island – កោះកុងក្រៅ
  • Koh Sdach – King’s Island – កោះស្ដេច
  • Koh Memas
  • Koh Smach/Koh Samit –  Rife Island – កោះស្មាច់
  • Koh Ampil Thom – Big Tamarind Island – កោះអំពិលធំ
  • Koh Ampil Kandal – Central Tamarind Island – កោះអំពិលកណ្ដាល
  • Koh Ampil Tuch – Small Tamarind Island – កោះអំពិលតូច
  • Koh Moul – Round Island – កោះមូល
  • Koh Kapi – “From the” Island – កោះកាពិ
  • Koh Gondol – Mouse/Rat island – កោះកណ្ដុរ
  • Koh Sralau – Ile de Kok Sralou (old French name)
  • Koh Châkrei – Chakry’s island –  កោះចក្រី
  • Koh Domloung – Potato Island – កោះដំឡូង – Ile Plate (old French name)
  • Koh Manoah/Kandal – Pineapple/Middle Island – កោះម្នាស់ –  កោះកណ្តាល – Ile du Milieu (old French name)
  • Koh Lôy – Pretty Island – កោះឡូយ 
  • Koh Navan
  • Koh Ta Téam – Ancestor Team’s island – កោះតាទាម – Ile du Chenal (old French name)
  • Koh Yâr – Porch/Balcony Island – កោះយ៉
  • Koh Putsa – Koh Kruasah Knong – Inner Family Island – កោះគ្រួសារក្នុង –  Îles Koh Kussat
  • Koh Putsa – Koh Kruasah Krawi  -Outer Family Island – កោះគ្រួសារក្រៅ –  Îles Koh Kussat
  • Koh Putsa – Koh Kruasah Kandal – Central Family Island – កោះគ្រួសារកណ្ដាល –  Îles Koh Kussat
  • Koh Andaug – Turtle Island – កោះអណ្ដើក
  • Koh Khmauch – Ghost Island – កោះខ្មោច
  • Koh Nu – That Island – កោះកណ្ដុ
  • Rocher Table – Île de la Table  – Table Rock
  • Rocher Kusrovie
  • Rocher Du Branle-bas – Commotion Island
  • Ilots de la comete – Comet Islets
  • Koh Chan – Plate Island – កោះឆាន់
  • Koh Totang – Width Island – កោះទទឹង​ – ​

islands of Sihanoukville Province

  • Koh Rong កោះរ៉ុង
  • Koh Tuich – Small Island – កោះតូច – Ilot Sud (old French name)
  • Koh Rong Sanloem – កោះរុងសន្លឹម – Ile de Cone??? (old French name)
  • Koh Goun – Child Island – កោះកូន – Ile de Cone (old French name)
  • Koh Bong Po-oun/Song Saa – Siblings/Lovers Islands – កោះបងកោះប្អូន – Les Frères (old French name)
  • Koh Chanlouh/Krabey – Torch/Buffalo Island – កោះចន្លុះ
  • Koh Puah – Snake Island – កោះពស់ –  Île Coudée (old French name)
  • Koh Dek Koul (Pai) –  (Port’s) Nail Island – កោះដេកកោល – Rocher Carré (old French name)
  • Koh Russei – Bamboo Island – កោះបស្សី – Ile Sud-Ouest  (old French name)
  • Koh Ta Kiev – Ancestor Kiev’s Island – Ile de la Baie  (old French name)
  • Koh Kaong Kang/Thass – Mangrove/Disk Island – កោះកោងកាង/ថាស –  Ile des Paletuviers  (old French name)
  • Koh Traolach – Melon Island – ត្រឡាច
  • Koh Tres/Kteah – Pan Island – កោះខ្ទះ  – Ile Ronde (old French name)
  • Koh Preus – Deer Island – កោះប្រឺស – Ile Nord-Ouest (old French name)
  • Koh Preab  – Dove Island – កោះព្រាប – Île du Départ (old French name)
  • Koh  Doung – Coconut Island – កោះដូង – Rocher Touppu (old French name)

islands of Kampot province

  • Koh Thmei – New Island – កោះថ្មី – Ile du Milieu (old French name)
  • Koh Seh – Horse Island – កោះសេះ – Ile a L’eau (old French name)
  • Koh Sramauch – Ant Island – កោះស្រម៉ោច – Ile du Chenal (old French name)
  • Koh Sampoch – Meerkat Island – កោះសំពោច
  • Koh Dam
  • Koh Ky

islands of Kep province

  • Koh Angkrang – Chime Island – កោះអង្ក្រង – Ile des Fourmis (old French name)
  • Koh Sen (Seh?) – កោះសេះ?
  • Koh Pou – កោះពោធិ – Île Pirate du Nord (old French name)
  • Koh Kras – Dense Island –  កោះក្រាស –  Île Rocheuse (old French name)
  • Koh Phoum Dong – Island of the Coconut Village – កោះភូមិដូង
  • Koh Matay
  • Koh Ot Dang – Don’t Know Island
  • Koh Ot Dang Dai – Don’t Know, Either Island
  • Koh Makprang – Maprang (Marian Plum) Island – កោះម៉ាកប្រាង
  • Koh Sngout – Dry Island – កោះស្ងួត
  • Koh Kok – Egret/Heron Island – កោះកុក
  • Koh Svay – Mango Island – កោះស្វាយ
  • Koh Tbal – Mill grinder/Mortar Island – កោះត្បាល់
  • Koh Tonsay – Rabbit Island – កោះទន្សាយ – Koh Antay (old French name)
  • Koh Tral – កោះត្រល់ (tral translates to “inserted”, “introduced” here)
  • Roche Rosita

 The outer Islands (administered by Koh Kong Province and Sihanoukville Province

  • Koh Tang – “Legend” island – កោះតាង
  • Koh Mul – Round Island – កោះមុល
  • Koh Domloung – Potato Island – កោះដំឡូង
  • Koh Trangol
  • Koh Bpi Mui – Îlots Sud-Est (old French name)
  • Koh Bpi Bpi – Îlots Sud-Est (old French name)
  • Koh Doung – Coconut Island – កោះដូង
  • Koh Pring – ​​Jambul​​ Island – កោះព្រីង
  • Koh Poulo Wai – កោះពូលូវៃ
  • Ilot Veer



Koh Pous – Snake Island – កោះពស់ –  Île Coudée (elbow island) (old French name)

Koh Puah

Snake Island is closest to town – just opposite Victory Beach. It is under full scale development now – a huge concrete bridge to the mainland has been finished after a few years. Soon the island is going to be a enclosed settlement for those, who can afford it – with little space left for nature. The concession for the island’s development holds a Russian company. Homepage here. Eventually, according to announcements of the developer there are going to be private homes and condominiums for rent and purchase, plus necessary infrastructure. The island has a beautiful beach – although the view is not so great – with the deep-water port in sight. Go there by boat – the bridge is closed.



Koh Rong Koh Rong – កោះរ៉ុង

There is an old word – rung – which means cave, although some Cambodians say the word refers to a real person’s name. There aren’t any caves on the island that deserve the name anyway. The only place that comes close, is some sort of rock overhang. see image…

 Koh Rong island caveKoh Rong is the biggest of the islands of the Sihanoukville Group. It encompasses an area of 78 square km. The terrain is predominantly hilly with a sizable mountain at the island’s south west. The hills provide water for creeks, lagoons and estuaries. The island’s interior is almost completely forested. Although there are already lots of guest houses and pubs in and around Koh Tuich village, the island remains virtually “empty” – its sheer size dwarfs all the settlements, most beaches you are going to have for yourself – BUT – it is all very stretched out – it takes some time to get to it. Rent a boat – private initiative!!! There is all the stuff going on here: Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Kite-Surfing, Trekking (e.g. to waterfall), Cycling, Volleyball, Massage, Cruising, Pubs, Music and a lovely mix of she and he and them and you.

Koh Russei – Bamboo Island – កោះបស្សី – Ile Sud-Ouest  (old French name)

Koh Russei

Bamboo Island – is close, pretty and small – it lies due east to Otres beach, about 10 km off the coast . SADLY: It 
has (in 2013) been given to a (French?) development company and is by now a no-go, non-public area. It has been announced, that  the developer is going to build some sort of exclusive resort. 


beach front Koh Rong Sanloem

Koh Rong Sanloem – កោះរុងសន្លឹម – 

Koh Rong Sanloem  (Sanloem in this context means something like: far out, hard to discern)

Google Translate offers Khmer now – i typed Sanloem – it was translated to: lethargy, drowsiness.


Koh Rong SanloemKoh Rong Sanloem is Koh Rong’s little sister. South of Koh Rong, it resembles its bigger sister in shape and geography – although a bit thinner, it is covered in dense forest, generally more flat (still, though there are lovely hills ) and it has noticeably less landmass in relation to its coastline. It too, is a spoiled kid – with plenty of awesome beaches. Guest houses are a bit more decentralized, which means,unlike Koh Rong, there is no central hub, “down town”, main beach, whatever. Many places have their very own beach – yeah it is true – or are conveniently detached with plenty of buffer zone. An advantage of the island’s moderate landmass is, that you can rather quickly walk from one side of the island to the other. Saracen Bay on the northern side is a most spectacular place with a long crescent shaped beach and squeaking white sand, the water is very shallow – a good playground for families with kids. It is here where the Full Moon Party takes place.

Sanloem is probably the best example for the overall confusion on history, demography and administration. Even some French mappers named it at will. Although there had been some sort of modest development of infra-structure during the Protectorate, the EFEO does not have any digitized info.



Koh Ta Kiev – “Ancestor Kiev’s Island” – Ile de la Baie  (old French name)

Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev (ta = ancestor’s spirit…Kiev was someone’s name) – Bamboo Island’s bigger sister – lies due east of Otres beach, opposite the Ream National Park. It houses a navy port and two fishing villages. Ferries – coming from the pier at Ochheuteal/Serendipity beach – require about an hour to get there.

There are several nice empty beaches. The island has a mango plantation, a guest house – Ten 103 – and a camp ground – Crusoe Island. It is three times as big as its neighbour – Bamboo Island – with a size of 6.70 km2, and is essentially covered by forest. Although long leases have been sold to foreign companies the island is going to undergo development. Still, here you will find truly alternative guest house concepts, such as Ten 103’s tree houses and Crusoe Island’s camp site. Hence, it is the place of choice for anyone, who likes the exceptional experience, away from the big crowds. Here are the bad news: A Chinese development company has set foot on the island and is going to overtake the whole place – just a matter of time….go there now!

Koh Sdach – King’s Island – កោះស្ដេច

Koh Sdach

 Koh Sdach – King’s Island …is due West of Kompong Saom bay . It belongs to a cluster of islands off the Boutum Sakor National Park. The island is  home to a sizable local community and for many years was – probably still is to some extent –  a notorious smuggler’s hub for alcohol and more.  There used to be a daily ferry from to Sihanoukville to Koh Kong with a stop at  Koh Sdach, which has been shut down. Either you approach from Koh Kong, where regular boats leave  or you charter a private transporter.

Koh Smach/Koh Samit –  Rife Island – កោះស្មាច់

Koh Smach/Samit

there is a sizeable traditional community 






Koh Tres/Kteah(pan) – Ile Ronde (old French name)

Koh Kteah/Tres

Koh Kteah/Tres (tres is a sort of tree)…is off Otres beach (15 min by Kayak) and has got a “beach” of around 10m2 in size, which is submerged during high tide. Only one Cambodian family ( officials) lives here. You should not go there area without an invitation…if you must – stay at the “beach”  area. At the South side are a few snorkeling spots – Nudibranches are quite abundant.  Also good fishing area.


Koh Tonsay – Rabbit Island – កោះទន្សាយ – Koh Antay (old French name)

Koh Tonsai

Koh Tonsai lies off Kep (town) – 2,5 hours from Sihanoukville, once there – around 30 min by ferry, there is a variety of locally run bungalow resorts. Everything is a bit shabby and garbage management is non-existent. generally quiet. There are lots small tiny islands in the neighborhood. The border to Vietnam is also close – restriction of man-oeuvre is certain.

Koh Thmei – New Island – កោះថ្មី – Ile du Milieu (old French name)

koh thmey

very big and almost touching the main land – 3 nice beaches – lots of forest and awesome nature, many animals – ferry 45 min from Koh Kchhang Fishing Village – there is a great guest house.

Koh Tuich – Small Island – កោះតូច – Ilot Sud (old French name)

Koh Tuich

(tuich=small) – tiny and beautiful island off Koh Rong’s Koh Tuich village. There is a little pagoda on it since around 2010 – great snorkeling spots around the whole island.


Koh Bong Po-oun/Song Saa – Siblings/Lovers Islands – កោះបងកោះប្អូន – Les Frères (old French name)

song saa islands

renamed to Koh Song Saa – lovers islands  – two tiny islets off Koh Rong’s north-east, is home of the exclusive Song Saa resort






Koh Totang

Koh Totang -



north of King’s Island – there is a nice guest-house: Nomadsland  


Koh Kong Krawi – Outer Koh Kong Island – កោះកុងក្រៅ

Koh KongKoh Kong – Kong island – កោះកុងក្រៅ

Koh Kong is Cambodia’s biggest island, off Koh Kong town – 6 hours bus-ride from Sihanoukville near the border to Thailand. Although Kong island is Cambodia’s biggest island, it is a bit tricky to recognize it as such. It is so close to the mainland, that its backwaters partly consist of dense mangrove marshes. The place is nearly uninhabited – only one resort – most pristine of the big islands. 

More at: Neptune Adventure                                                                                 


Most of the below islands are untouched for a variety of reasons: too flat – no fresh water, no beach, Navy base, unfavorable terrain… 

 Koh Sramauch – Ant Island – កោះស្រមោច

Koh SramauchKoh Sramauch – Ant Island – កោះស្រមោច, very small, close to Ream Naval Base, small beach





Koh Kaong Kang/Thass – Ile des Paletuviers  (old French name)

Koh Kaong Kang/Thass


Koh Kaong Kang/Thass – one of the inner islands – great place to snorkel. It is very flat, hence freshwater is scarce and nobody lives there permanently.

Koh Koun – Child island – Ile de Cone (old French name)

Koh Koun



Koh Koun – small island between Rong and Rong Sanloem, no beach, uninhabited, but great dive spot.


Koh Manoah/Kandal – Pineapple/Middle Island – កោះម្នាស់ –  កោះកណ្តាល – Ile du Milieu (old French name)

Koh  Manoah


Koh Manoah កោះម្នាស់ – is north of Koh Rong, together with..

Koh Ta Team កោះតាទាម and

Koh Domloung កោះដំឡូង



Koh Seh – Horse Island – កោះសេះ – Ile a L’eau (old French name)

Koh Seh


Koh Seh កោះសេះ - Horse Island – pretty and big – south-east of Koh Thmei កោះថ្មី





Koh Chaluh/Krabey – Torch/Buffalo Island


Koh Chaluh




Koh Chaluh – small island near Koh Ta Kiev, no beach



Koh Preus – Deer Island – Ile Nord-Ouest (old French name)



Koh Preus


Koh Preus – off Otres beach, small beach





The outer islands

The outer islands are non-populated and administered by the Navy. There is no regular ferry transport and no guest houses. Anyone, who is interested should get in contact with one of the Dive operators. They have a few outposts there with basic bedrooms for divers.



Koh Tang – “Legend” island – កោះតាង

Koh Tang


Koh Tang – Tang Island – a group of islands including:

Koh Mul (Round Island),

Koh Bpi Mui – Îlots Sud-Est (old French name)

Koh Bpi Bpi – Îlots Sud-Est (old French name) and

Koh Domloung (Potato island) កោះដំឡូង

It is far out – 6 hours from Sihanoukville – great diving there.



Koh Poulo Wai – កោះពូលូវៃ

Koh Wai Poulo Wai


Koh Wai Poulo Wai កោះពូលូវៃ– the outer islands with prime spots for divers. You need to contact the dive operators for any sort of bookings.



Koh Pring – Jambul Island

Koh Prins


Koh Pring – a group of islands including: Koh Doung (Coconut island) and

Koh Trangol.

It is far out – 6 hours from Sihanoukville – great diving there.