Blackjack allows players to influence the outcome of the cards using strategies, which makes it different from many other games. The blackjack players learn a ton of strategies for the games, which helps them win consistently. They have unique personalities which identify them as typical blackjack players. Here are the five types of personalities found among blackjack players.

The social gambler

A social gambler visits the casino to have fun and does not have a particular strategy or an agenda of winning for their games. They are not necessarily very rich and do not have much idea of playing blackjack. You can find them interacting with other players more than concentrating on the games. These players and their sloppy gameplays keep the house happy. Sometimes they can be distracting to those who are serious about the game.

Social gambler

The math wizard

A math whiz can come to the casino for only two reasons – either being a part of a bachelor’s party or in the pursuit of becoming a professional blackjack player. You will not find a math whiz coming to the casino to have fun. These players never learnt the game thoroughly and only relied on their mathematical skills to play. They may know the basic strategy and statistics of how the cards work, but they still require a level of experience before they can start taking home big amounts of money.

The nervous nineteen

These players have received the inspiration of becoming pro blackjack players from the movies and head to casinos as soon as they get the license. But when they face the games and do not find the situation to be as the movies, they become sweaty, saucer-eyed, and overwhelmed. The lack of confidence and less experience on the game does not assure them a win, but they can still get lucky.

Blackjack players

The new card-counter

Card-counters are common in casinos even after casinos do not entertain them. They want to improve or display their card counting ability to beat the casino in their game. Card-counters can slow down the game, making it boring for other players. They can be spotted with a little knowledge of how card counting works. They can be found taking their time to count the cards and adjusting their betting in time to time.

The blackjack pro

There are only a few gamblers who get the title of blackjack pros, and it is not easy to achieve it. They maintain concentration, discipline, and dedication that is hard to follow. The professionals always stay on the profitable side of the gamble and know how to use their money. The pros usually know their casinos, dealers, and other players at the casino as they are regular at playing blackjack. Another quality of blackjack players is that they do not like to be known as pros and prefer their identities hidden.


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