Best Casino Resorts in Curacao

It is an undeniable fact that Curacao is a beautiful country and that people look onto it as a perfect tourist spot. But there is more to this magnificent island than just the pristine beaches and the incredibly comfy resorts. Situated in the southern region of the Caribbean Sea and almost 65 km to the north of Venezuelan coast, Curacao is the island country encompassed by the waters of delight. What you might not be unaware of would be the existence of a line of casinos that are nearly as attractive as any other international casinos.

You can always visit the museum, historically significant sites, culture emanating landmarks while in Curacao and stay at the hotels and resorts that provide the basic amenities but are sufficient enough to keep you smiling. Aruba, the sister island of Curacao, has a contrasting gambling life when compared to the latter. Both resort-based and stand-alone casinos can be found in Curacao, which you can visit for an exciting gambling night. Here are a few casino resorts in Curacao that are worth visiting.

Casino resorts in Curacao


1. Otrobanda Hotel and Casino

Otrobanda is a 45-room hotel that overlooks the St. Anna Aby harbor and us situated at the center of the city. Several clubs, local shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and bars are within walking distance from the hotel. The basic amenities that the hotel provides include a TV with an active cable connection, mini-refrigerator, free Wi-Fi, hairdryer, extra beds for kids, in-room safe, and room service. There are a variety of cuisines in the hotel, which you can always visit for the delectable dinner after your gamble at the Awasa Casino. The casino offers around five table games including progressive blackjack and Caribbean stud poker, 200 slots, and kiosks for racebook and sportsbook betting.

Hotel and Casino

2. Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino

Mapped at the southwestern region of the island next to the Queen Anne Bridge, the Renaissance Curacao is a 237-room resort with a casino. LCD TV, in-room safe, mini-refrigerator, hairdryer, and all other necessary amenities are provided here too. There is a lot more to explore here with a wide range of restaurants and a shopping hub for people of all ages. Table games like Caribbean stud poker, blackjack, American roulette, 335 video poker and slot machines are offered in the 15,000 square feet Carnival Casino.

3. Trupial Inn Hotel and Casino

Curacao’s financial district has its heart pumping with exuberance and vitality through the walls of the 98-room Trupial Inn Hotel and Casino. It is just a few meters away from the Zuikertuin Mall and a line of restaurants. You will be provided with amenities like a TV, patio with seats, hairdryer, in-room safe, refrigerator and other basics. You can have a taste of some of the best delicacies from Restaurant Rosso after the gamble at the Hill Ross Casino. The 4,200 square feet casino offers 130 video poker and slot machines and table games including Caribbean stud poker, American Roulette, and blackjack.