Island Map

Island map of Cambodia

This Island Map has been created by our team. It focuses on naming rather than exact positioning of the islands in the waters of the kingdom. We update as soon as relevant material transpires. Some islands have 2 or more names, there also exist several islands with the same name. Koh Tral (or Trol) (Vietnamese: Phu Quoc) and Koh Panjang (Vietnamese: Thochu Island) belong actually to Cambodia – some administrative mistake in the 1930-ies lead to the current situation. There is a very informative blog with further links on the subject: A Brief History of Koh Tral ( Phu Quoc island) There are two systems for the romanisation of the Khmer language, such as the Applied IPA (e.g. Koh = island) or the UNGEGN (e.g. Kaôh = island). A few small islands and some sizable rocks underwent naming during the time of the French Protectorate (e.g. Ilot Veer = Veer Islet – Koh Veal or Rocher Kusrovie = Kusrovie Rock). Some islands used to have French names, which are not in use anymore. Some of these names seem to have been “Khmerized” – e.g. Ile de Kok Sralou became Koh Sralau. Official lists are impossible to come by – so we collect all sources – maps in particular – and compare. Even French maps do have inconsistencies, e.g. Ile de Cone is applied to Koh Goun and Koh Rong Sanloem….

Island Map of August 06. 2014

We are grateful for help, critics, corrections and advice.




Google Translate offers Khmer now – i typed the word សន្លឹម (Sanloem)  – it translates to:  lethargy, drowsiness

map of all islands  Cambodia

Koh Veal and Roche Rosita are missing