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info, data, facts and images on Cambodia’s and Sihanoukville’s islands – geography, history, people, nature, hotels, dive and infrastructure

fish flagCambodia is a late-comer when it comes to public info and organized documentation. Comprehensive, verified information is hard to come by.  Official sites are anything but interactive, have barely any content, appear unattended and outdated, emails and inquiries tend to go unanswered. On-line research is over quickly – after a handful PDF’s on marine studies and demographics. This is why we, among others, collect and share info, data, stories, legends and knowledge and present that stuff online.  You want contemporary sourced materiel? We are one of these sites, who actually deliver it.

We represent an international community at home in coastal Cambodia. In relation to work on and around the islands off Cambodia, we collect info on these surroundings.

The EFEO (École française d’Extrême-Orient) is one of the institutions with a long tradition in documentation. Unfortunately, access to digitized material is still confined to general topics.

Another traditional source is the UKHO Archive (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office). They have transferred lots of material to other archives. So unless you live in the UK and visit the libraries, there is little access to the sparse documents on Cambodia.

  Well, now that we are at the source, we present anything here, we think is worth recording.

We proudly announce, that we now – by December 2013 – collaborate with THE DIVE SHOP — based in Sihanoukville and on the islands. As a result, we are able to supplement the Island Species section with local marine species.

All images on our site have been shot by us or our associates. These are subject to standa d copyright conditions. You can download, use and edit them – but not claim them as yours.

We are grateful for all kind of advice, critics, support, co-operation and so on. We, of course also answer your questions.


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Map islands Cambodia June 2014


map all islands Cambodia

map of all islands of Cambodia August 2014